Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Yelp! I Stumbleupon my Blogcatalog! Can you Xobni that?

(The following story means nothing, other then it contains over 200 random names of various Web 2.0 companies... What should you learn from this? ...Perhaps the *Cutsie name* stage is too cluttered lately...time to name your product/website something that aligns it with what it does)

NOTE: Try to keep it a verb ...pass me a *Kleenex*, *Google* me ,etc ...

So I was Bebop-ing to my Clickcaster when these Musicmobs with Musicstrands come up to me and say use your Streampad to listen to Radiotime its Purevolume. It has Upto11 channels. I heard that old Bitty down the block used her Blogburst and Allyourwords. There’s only 9rules to Blogmarks.

1. Your page must have a Butterfly.
2. You can Blurb about anything.
3. You must mention how those Clipmarks are Delicious.
4. Onlywire is Listible but you’ll be able to Looklater.
5. Anyone you befriend you must Meetwithapproval.
6. Any Upcoming events must be approved by the site.
7.No Lifetype, also known as writing about everything!
8. Use a Blogladder to climb up in the world of blogging. And finally number
9. Before you right do some Structureblogging.

The net day I was sitting at a Campfire and I see 3bubbles. It was odd but I ignored it. Then I Chatsum up with these people. They told me they lived in Favorville. They used some Hubpages to get directions and stored it in the Ifolder. We hit this juice place called the Jotspot, the workers were on strike at Rallypoint. They needed People2pray that the strike would be over soon. If I may Say-So my StudyBuddy knew a lot about strikes and maybe could help them. I was done with standing in the Socialight so I was at Standpoint thinking Whatshouldireadnext. I decided to read a book called Lime, I found it at this Librarything. It had Comics and some Quicktoons, which I really found funny. Later that day I was playing some Dodgeball and I really Stickam good. Iglanced at my watch and realized it was time to write in my LiveJournal and do some MapMix research.

On my MySpace and Facebook I wrote about Twocrowds in my school. I was Linkedin to the more popular crowd. The weird kids had funky styles one had Plum hair, but for some reason her nickname was TinFinger. The most popular girl in my school’s nickname was Theblackstripe, she was awesome. Then it hit me, I had to go get some school supplies. So I walked over to the 24sevenoffice supply store. I saw a book there called “Helpspot the dog cross the road” It was the book that guaranteed me a Simpleticket to an A in English. I went home to do some research on the book and decided to download some music on my Genielab

Ok-Cancel, two buttons that I always saw when I downloaded music. I downloaded a hilarious song. The song is made up of one word throughout 2 minutes. It just goes “Wufoo Wufoo , I’m in the club hollerin Wufoo Wufoo.” After 43deals with my parents they let me get the song. It was by Closo the crumping clown. The album coverpopped up and it was a picture of a Redtoucan. I payed my parents Tenbills for the song. I must of impatiently Yelped so many times during the duration of the download. I was Castingwords in every direction. It took forever! I tried to Givemeaning to the song and Listsomething good about it, but it was to plain. I Trustmymail but when I get stupid spam it pisses me off. If Yousendit you will here words from me. The Secondsite I went to was I played Millionsofgames on that one site. It was Bliss but it used a lot of Memory.

In this one game there were a Bunchballs flying at me. Ugh, my computer only had 30gigs left. What was I to do? I deleted Allmydata and put it in a Box with a Bolt. I needed to store my photos somewhere. So I put them on my Photobucket account. I had so many pictures it was like a Picturecloud. I had formally been Simplyhired by an art company so I had experience to be a photo Colorblender. My Brainreactions to the job was extremely happy, I finally got a job. There were 43things I needed for the job and I had all 43. I was a sketch artist for the Chicagocrime lab. After work everyday I go to the Cafespot and use my friend Alexscoupons to Dropcash on the waiter Edgeio. I go some coffee and did a Jigsaw puzzle.

My-brand of choice is Starbucks but Dunkin Donuts is okay too. I knowmore coffee brands but those are the two best. I Root on Starbucks because since I was little they were Thisplaceiknow. And the Titlez of that cafĂ© is off da chain! After I had my coffee I walked around the corner to the opera theatre. The Castpost was up…and I got the lead role. Everybit of my happiness was conceived by this joyful role. I Glided down the road. I jumped over my neighbor’s Backfence and did a crisscross jump down the road until I got to my house.

Later I went to work and did my dailyrotation and was bored out of my mind. I was informed that the knownow newradio had finally been up and ready to listen to. The advice of the day on the radio was to go to the Strategicboard and rethink my life. There are a lot of Topix going on in my life, for example how I almost got mugged going down 2nd Avvenu the other day. I was totally Thinkfree that day. All I remember was looking in a weird mirror and seeing me with 24eyes and then all of sudden a man came up from behind me. He had like 1000tags on, it was so scary.

His name was Alexa. He must have been a Blogdigger. He must have just finished eating because he had Gravee on his beard. My Golden Retrievr attacked him. It was montastic, I was so proud. I was still processing what was happening when these Scriptacilious birds flew onto me. It was a very cloudalicious day so I was just beat. My sproutliner was all smeared but it was computer time again.

Ilovetravelstories so I decided to blog about my horrid day. I was at sharingpoint so I needed to vent. It was time for exercise with my husband. So we went to the Adultswim class. Many men Blinkx at me so it was very akward. I just ignored them and did my Dailymotion. The other couples never stopped talking, I referred to them as the Yackpack. Wow that was a long long day. Goodbye for now.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Fixing Yahoo

Note to Jerry Yang;

1) Recognize that you are not the one to lead / reposition YHOO. Stick to your knitting, you're making a fool out of yourself.

2) Spin off all non-strategic assets IE Alibaba,Y Japan,etc (approximate value of $15 billion of its current $27 Billion market cap).

3) 15%-20% reduction in headcount.

4) Dutch auction/buyback of stock .

5) Stake and spin/off new stand alone initiatives.

6) Go Open Source, and let others build in an ecosystem.