Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Apple Iphone & ITouch the NEW Point of Sale

Don't just think of the Iphone as a smartphone - more importantly do not think of it's baby brother the ITouch as a personal entertainment device. Start thinking outside the box.

These are the NEW Point Of Sale (POS) devises. For those not familiar with the term, POS - think of a cash register in a store, or one of those terminals where you swipe your debit card. In the future, the salesperson will ring up your order right there on the sales floor. Think I am talking years off ? -

I was in Las Vegas this past week, and possibly the coolest amenity the Casino/Hotel offered me was a free ITouch to use during my stay. Using the ITouch I am able to request more towels, order room service - even request my car from the valet. Check out? ...all via ITouch

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