Thursday, March 20, 2008

My refrigerators social network

OK, so maybe my fridge will not invite my oven to join it's social network, but really the larger point is that EVERYTHING, not (only) everyone will have a social network. Huh?

Think about it, in a conventional social network there is a common element whether it is Business,Geography,School,etc. So why shouldn't all my physical possessions have there own? I own a Sears fridge, and was recently 'pissed' that Sears now charges $55 for their water purification cartridge for this model. When I first purchased the fridge, the cartridge was less then $30. This now adds over $600 per year to the cost a a refrigerator that only cost around $1000 to begin with. I would LOVE to speak with, and share stories, ideas,rants with other owners of my refrigerator, and so it goes.

Brands will want to have some level of control over this, to be preemptive in any PR 'damage control' they might need to do. This is a time where they can be pro-active, and not reactive. The Kenmores,Sonys, and other 'brands' should recognize the social trend first, and get their products their own social networks - One where they have an opportunity to steer and moderate the conversation to a greater extent then if their consumers started it for them.

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