Wednesday, June 18, 2008

putting your URL in print

I recently answered a question that someone had posed on LinkedIn. The question was whether or not to include your brand's URL within your print media. I would have thought this is a no-brainer, however since apparently it is is the answer:

Not only does adding a URL in print lead to enhanced traffic, but it is a MUST! I would ask the question to you, why WOULDN'T you put a URL in your print media (and everywhere else).

Your brand should be your website, unlike traditional media, web based media is an excellent way to get concrete tracking of whether or not your marketing message is working - and from their allows you to sell your product or service.

You should also be taking advantage of the fact that URL's are dirt cheap. Any campaigns that I have managed get their own unique URL's as well. So for example, if your company name is widgets , you might also want to purchase the url "" for print ...and additionally, you should be using sub directs ( to even further track. This also allows an easier method of leaning on the reputation of the print partner .... So for example, in your print ad, at the end perhaps offer the link along with the message "Special offer *exclusively* for NYTimes readers.

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