Saturday, April 18, 2009

Twitter - Congratulations on your STARS (Here's Why!)

There is a lot of *noise* on Twitter lately with Ashton Kutcher hitting the 1,000,000 follows. Some people like it, some do not - most don't care.

But when you have the rockstars on Twitter (Kutcher, Oprah , Ellen Degenerous , SnoopDog , John Mayer, etc) and the follower counts are in the six-seven figure ranges you get something else. Stellar demographics from the sociosphere!. As just an example in it's simplest form, let's assume that I am an agency that will be launching an upcoming Rap Star, and his newest single. I will easily be able to data mine the social networks for not only 'mentions' of like artists, and other profiling - but sociographics that also include information like who I follow. I know this is only one more new piece of information, but in it's entirety, we finally have enough to create intelligent algorithms.

As I have alluded to in an earlier post (Facebook - Google's real competition), Social Networks will soon start to realize their true inerrant value. If you look underneath the hood at Twitter and Facebook, there's "Gold in them thar hills!".


Kathy | Virtual Impax said...

I think the "early adopters" care passionately because this is a sign that the product known as "Twitter" is moving into the next phase - "early majority".

Roger said...

good post! i was talking with my sister this weekend about the value of twitter and i think that it is the immediacy of the conversation.

sure google can index blogs but there is so much noise. with twitter its immediate and easily filtered cause its limited to 140 chars.

a lot of people like to deride twitter and say that its 'just' people talking about themselves, which makes me laugh. especially when fellow salespeople tell me the same thing.

i laugh because the reason that they deride twitter is the reason i find so much value in it. sure there are posts on twitter that are not relevant to me, but this is just the age old issue of acquiring signal to noise. tools like tweetdeck and twirl are essential for finding twitters value.

more stars on twitter means more people on twitter and as a salesperson that is good stuff!