Monday, November 10, 2008

Mashups NEW Content is King

I (like many) always like to see the "Next big Thing" early. I believe that for Media (content producers) the next big thing will be Content Mashups.

We are already starting to see it *trickling* in. The New York Times recently introduced "Times People " allowing its readers to mashup the content of original New York Times articles. Want to write a book with others? Try a service like WeBooks which allows you to co-author books with others.

I believe that this trend is only in its infancy, and we will watch it unfold into mainstream media projects as well. We will work WITH Hollywood in determining how a movie unfolds. We (collaboratively) will write the script, they will produce it.

I have been working on writing a business plan called 9thTrack would allow any professional musician (or label) to submit their original songs. Their fans would then alter the songs to their liking (Want to remove a piano solo? Perhaps you want to add a harmonica or your cool guitar riff?). Once altered it would be sent to that bands "staging" area, where the best versions would then be vetted. Top vetted versions would then be made available for sale.

Now, instead of having the Internet only pirate their sales of CD's, they actually have NEW revenue streams.

EVERYTHING will be mashed up! If you are interested in Mashing up the 9thTrack business plan, feel free to reach out to me and we can collaborate on that too! Oh ya, people are already mashing up business plans too -

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Jeremiah Owyang said...

Good thoughts on this Andy, keep track of any examples as you see this happening, I'll be curious to see when this starts to take off

Ryan said...

Wow...when I first saw the title of your post I thought..."no shit" mash-ups are already big. Then as I continued reading I realized that you're right, mashups we have today are only the tip of the ice-berg... 9th track sounds awesome...lets chat early next week and mash-up some thoughts...
You'll be fine in Pheonix with ideas like this one bro.

pipitpurch said...

I agree with you completely and I think this concept of user generated content production will eventually find its rightful place in ecommerce.