Thursday, September 04, 2014

The BEST PR oppertunities are easy

You'll have to read through a few posts back to see it, but earlier I blogged about how AirBNB's new logo could have been used as an exceptional PR opportunity (that they blew). This post is about yet another PR hack that you could/should be using for your app.

In just 5 short days Apple will launch their much anticipated new products and upgrades. Though Apple will host the press at their headquarters, think about all the press their stores received on previous launches. Now realizing this, know that the cost to have someone be a placeholder in line at an Apple store is historically anywhere from $500- $3000, depending on location. Know  those overpriced T-shirts and hats that your Marketing team had printed with your logo and catch-phrase?  Good, now put those two together and what do you have....

There is no excuse why the first 10 people in line at Apple's flagship stores (ie Apple's 5th avenue New York store) shouldn't be there wearing your companies T-shirts, Hats, and evangelizing your product! Think i'm wrong?  watch the days and weeks surrounding this launch, and ask yourself why this wasn't your product getting the press.

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