Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I called it an ICMS - Now at its simplest form You call it Blogging Software

Was just thinking back to 1995, my first Internet Start-Up. Raised angel money at a $10M Valuation, and got as far as a proof of concept site, based on our ICMS technology. Funny to note that sites based on our ICMS still exist (and are totally self maintained) today;

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DDBC has created an Internet technology called the Image Content Management System (ICMS). The ICMS is designed to allow any company operating in vertical or specialty markets a robust and quick "time to market" solution for adding and implementing a buyer - seller model on the Internet. Below is a brief overview of the Image Content Management System Technology. You can then visit an example of the system at www.art-smart.com or visit www.ddbc.com for a more detailed description of the ICMS technology. The ICMS is considered to be beyond an end-to-end solution. Simply putting up an online catalog of your products just will not do. Ask yourself, will it cover both my retail and wholesale (extranet) needs? Is it simple and yet robust enough for my customers to navigate? Can anyone within my organization administer the site, without the need for special computer skills? Can I update and change my content 24 hours a day? Will my site be able to grow as our customers and inventory grows? Will it run on any platform? Is it search engine friendly? Buyers and Sellers Speaking the Same Language - Our unique categorizing matrix gives the ICMS engine unparalleled search capabilities. A Platform That Grows As Your Needs Grow - Because the ICMS is an application server, and not CGI based, it scales as your site traffic grows. Your Own Look And Feel - The ICMS is driven by standards based HTML templates allowing for complete reconfiguration of the "look and feel" of the target site without touching any of the code. End User 'Point and Click' Maintenance - Whether being used in a multi - vendor environment, or a multi department environment, every exhibitor has 'end user' control over their own home page. Your Products Found by NEW Customers - Specialized technology allows the ICMS database to be posted on to search engines. Users Search THEIR Way - There are a multitude of browsing techniques for your customers to use.

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