Friday, February 29, 2008

*stay tuned*

Thanks for your patience! I know I have not blogged recently, this is because I am a semi-finalist in a Business Plan competition...Bizplan was due by today! Next I will be helping the $12 Billion per year Music Biz make lots of money Web 2.0 style, in the 21st century.

Soon I will get back to helping; VC's screen web 2.0/Net start ups, locate their competition,fix broken business models,sell off assets headed for the dead pool; Start-ups write their business plans,develop new business models and revenue streams,fix broken strategies,do their bizdev,structure their marketing,strike their deals; Internet & Web 2.0 Companies teach them what a white paper is,proper pr,marketing subsets such as marketing collateral,trade shows & exhibitions,contests,talking to sales team,high level business development, website design, GUI design and usability, and lots lots more ... Stay tuned!


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