Thursday, February 07, 2008

Note to RIAA and record labels

Now you want anti malware software to scan desktops for illegal music downloads??? Huh??? You need to loose all the DRM, and EMBRACE the digital economy.

1) Make ALL your music 100% free - There's nothing like free advertising, and this is what that is FREE ADVERTISING

2) Make your money on new ancillary revenue streams ie; RingTones,CallerTones, Higher quality (loseloss) digital recordings then the MP3's you offer for free,licensing fees for comercial uses,concerts,etc ...
3) Think outside the box for even newer yet to be discovered revenue streams. How much do you get everytime a Guitar Hero player downloads a new song??? How about making your music available for download on a "track" by "track" basis. Then, I, as a casual (or even professional) musicion could "Jam" with Aerosmith ... Do you know what every Tom, Dick and Harry would pay to be able to do that???

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