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How many social networking strategists does it take to change a light bulb?

How many social networking strategists does it take to change a light bulb? ...I had promised earlier to post an updated list of answers...what's yours - let me know!

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Søren Sprogø


They'll post a question on LinkedIn asking "How do I change a light bulp?", and then wait for some helpful, naive soul to come around and do the work for them :-)

Scott Clark

I think around 5.

Person 1: I'm thinking the light bulb isle at Home Depot or Lowes might be a good start for finding true fans. Make a poster that has your photo, your favorite light bulb brands, a photo gallery of your current lighting fixtures and a scan of your electric bill. Stand to the side and hold your poster. Do not force yourself onto those discussing lighting, but chime in if someone asks a question. Post reviews of light bulbs online. Do a "unboxing" video about opening the bulb and how easy it is to use.

Person Two: The early engagements. You should 'fan' your electrician and the electric company. Also post comments on the "green-living" communities where bulbs are discussed. Learn who the authorities are and who is blogging in the A-list for this group. Do not ask for a link - just participate.

Person 3: Link to the wikipedia entry for Thomas Edison and Compact Florescents. Post tagged flickr images of the light needing changed, and connect to others who've posted photos of light bulbs of fixtures.

Person 4 - go over to NING and Fire up a community forum discussing things like voltage, green-lighting, compact fluorescents, and safety on ladders. Start some original posts about how you found the light bulb to be out, what you expect the challenges are, and what it feels like to be in the dark so much. Link to authority bloggers on off-the-grid living, home safety, and perhaps the story of Walden so that you get trackbacks from those blogs.

Person 5: Do a viral video showing hyper creative ways to change lightbulbs. Link to other creative lightbulb videos and set up groups on Flickr, Youtube and Viddler. Stumble your videos and start a viral spread.

Daniel Eizans

Who needs lightbulbs when you have the light of a laptop with a a browser window opened to Facebook, or a cell phone set to Tweet your need for a lightbulb.

Toby Marie Walker

Do they use lightbulbs?

Stephen Weinstein

Actually, the bulb never gets changed. The strategists spend all of their time devising ways in which to add more people to their network.

Robert Saric (

Nobody will really be able to change the lightbulb until somebody actually buys the ebook.

Joseph Shavit

none, a good social network strategist will find a way to mobilize his/her community to screw the bulb in themselves.

Ande Weinstein

Are you talking about a virtual light bulb?

Luisa Elena Mondora


the first one actually changes the light bulb, while the second one takes a pic and use it for a presentation about changing light bulbs as a metaphore of the bottom-up movement.

Gideon Roberts

One to submit it and another 250 to vote it up.

Eric Rauschenberg

Twitter - "I can't find the light bulb" -> Digg this twitter (click) -> vote on this digg rss this post to my blog -> sms this post -> User posts question -> What bulb?

Raquel Hirsch

Ask an expert.

Nancy Masse

ROTFLMAO! Most of these answers are priceless but the first one takes the cake!

The answer is (IMO) none;

Oh, they'll talk about changing that light bulb... and evangelize about it .... maybe hold a BulbCAMP or a tweetup or start a facebook page ... and somewhere along that line, someone somewhere will change that light bulb... and then tout themselves as the "bulb changing expert"

... and so on.

Stephen Gaither


They'll just wait for it to burn out and follow it on Twitter for the rest of their lives.

Beatriz AvitiaVargas, MBA


First to define the context of the light bulb

Second, find an expert in the field

Third, ask the question

Four, identify the labor

Five, negotiate the contract

Six, arrange for the light bulb and laborer meeting

Seven, to ensure proper procedure

Eight to monitor progress

Ninth to report in the findings in a blog.

Mary Lascelles

I sort of think they'll just work off the glow of their computer and never notice the lightbulb is out. Candle power is "just fine."

Matt Wasserman

Just one. But when the light still doesn't work after he's done he'll blame the darkness.

Brad Shorr

Zero. They are never in one place long enough to need a light bulb.

Michel Lefebvre

As many as can try. We have a dead light bulb here since months, stuck in the cieling as King Arthur's sword. First who succeeds will be hired as Chief Strategist for 1B$/year.

Greg Evans

Hopefully just one and the new bulb will be energy efficient!

Ahmed Mallah

Search for only those strategists that are capable to bring to Social Networkers' attention that:

1- There is a Light Bulb.

2- The bulb has to be changed for their sake.

3- Its important to tell others to watch their bulbs enlightened too.

Walter Reade (

"99% of the People Changing Light Bulbs are Doing it All Wrong! Learn How to Produce Fast Cash by Quickly Generating a Massive Crowd of Followers Who Give You Money When You Change Light Bulbs!"

Bill Green

And the art director went: “Does it have to be a light bulb?“

Wade Rockett

The nature of social media is such that we can no longer confidently apply traditional metrics such as 'changed' or 'not changed' to determine the success or failure of the bulb to provide light. We need to stop thinking of the bulb as a physical object altogether, and start thinking of it as a conversation.

Nedra Kline Weinreich

Just one, but then they have to tell all their friends about it and get them to install a light bulb too.

Igor Bissikalo

It depends on how many of them share an apartment.

Jose Castillo


One to change the light bulb.

One to talk about how cool light bulb 3.0 will be.

Michael Durwin

It's not a matter of how many, it's that none will give you a way to measure the success of said light bulb changing, they'll all disagree about how to do it, and several will refer to a ScottMonty case study why it should be changed.

Gary Unger

The one that has the Janitor in his network.

Montaha Hidefi

None. The social strategists are in the northern hemisphere, the light bulb in the suthern. They will mobilize some troups to engage in light bulb anihilation and replacement.

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