Friday, August 08, 2008

Web 2.0 New York - Greg Verdino

Greg Verdino of Crayon was the other speaker on my panel. The PR campaign he structured for Oovoo (this was the case study he used), was spot on. You can (and should) REALLY learn from this one. In summary, his case study was the way he pitched the blogosphere for Oovoo (Oovoo is video conferencing software). Instead of just pitching the blogosphere to try Oovoo out. He encouraged the blogosphere to instead, use Oovoo - The result was a much more viral campaign (and likely one more received by those being pitched as well). Instead of the bloggers simply trying out Oovoo, and then blogging about it, the bloggers engaged their readers to join in an Oovoo 'chat' with them.

The result? Instead of pitching 50 bloggers, having your software downloaded those 50 times, and blogged about. Each blogger became a sort of an eco-system for Oovoo, each generating hundreds (thousands?) of downloads of Oovoo. In the end (Greg showed a graph comparing blog traffic comparing mentions of Oovoo and Skype), during the outcome of the campaign, more people were buzzing about Oovoo then Skype.

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