Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Google's *real* competition

OK, if I were to ask you who Google's competition will be one year from now you would likely bring up the usual suspects ... Yahoo&Microsoft. I want to go on the record today as stating that one year from now Google's real competition will be (drum roll)...


You may think of Facebook today as a Social Network that competes with the likes of Myspace, but that is in todays model. Try to be open minded here, and realize what Facebook is, and what it can do with what they own. Facebook, is simply a large database of people, including their demographics, their interests, their friendbase, etc. Do these elements sound important to a different business, perhaps ADVERTISING? bingo! I know, Advertising on Social Networks has been a big bomb to date, but you need to be looking at Facebook a year from now, remember? Facebook will launch their own version of Adsense. By this time social awareness will reside in the browser (amongst other places). In other words, your network will follow you around the net. Sites you visit (and will locate) will be shown to you with higher rankings, should others in your network visit them just as one example. What comes with you when you surf besides your social network? All that juicy (advertisers love this stuff!) information that Facebook knows about you, and can associate with you.

So when you think of the Facebook of the future, and where they will find their advertising $$ success... Do not think of it in terms of advertisements on the website...think bigger, think adsense....

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