Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mobile, psst *YOU NEED TO BE THERE NOW!!!

One would think that people learn from their past mistakes. History however always seems to repeat itself. Many companies who dominated their markets, saw new, nimble competitors clean their clocks again, and again.

IBM who dominated the computer space lost out to Microsoft... Microsoft subsequently missed the boat, and lost out to Yahoo, who then lost out to on and so on.

In the *connected (Internet) space, no one took a hit more then old media - Music,TV,Print,etc. Some of these guys have limped back in finally having an Internet strategy YEARS after other nobodies entered their space online, becoming THE property within a given space. Hollywood (TV,Movies,etc) should have been the YouTube. Newspapers should have been the social networks. Music... erghh well lets just say the RIAA needs to wake up and smell the coffee...they will not make money selling MP3's, they need to use that as their loss leader - Making the money up on ancillary services.

So why are all these old media types (and NEW MEDIA TOO!) going to get hit in the head all over again??

If you didn't see it last week, your blind.
1) Location based services (LBS) change everything
2) Over a Billion cell phones changes everything
3) Apple's Iphone changes everything

OK, I realize that up till now, the Internet on a mobile (even smartphones) was a horrible experience. But if you have ever browsed or interacted with the web using Apple's excellent *game changing Mobile browser, you will know now that the time is now!

One can actually read a newspaper or book, one can view multimedia, and one can even interact. Now get in there and protect your brand, if you do not own your Mobile space now - someone else will.

So just to be clear...

Apple alone gives you critical mass... They will bring over 40M people into the mobile space with a device they can actually use.

Apple WILL be a social network...with that many users, Jesus isn't going to give up that opportunity without a fight (*wake up call to Facebook,LinkedIn,Myspace,etc).

WAP is dead ... you need not spend millions of dollars on a special infrastructure any more to interact with users on a Mobile platform...just a Mobile strategy

LBS - opens up all sorts of BRAND NEW opportunities for your brand many of which haven't even been thought up yet. need to move NOW

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