Wednesday, July 16, 2008

NPR wants to be relevant again

I remember National Public Radio (NPR) from when I was a kid. I used to listen to one segment I enjoyed called "And so it Goes". And about the time I stopped listening to radio, was about the time I forgot all about NPR. who knew?

So what to do if you are NPR and want to be relevant once again? Let the masses Mash it UP!! . By releasing ALL of their content via open standards (API/XML,etc), and encouraging people to do whatever they want with NPR content they know have a path to survival in this web age...

They get it! Now what are YOU waiting for? Go out there and open (source) your content and watch just how easily you too can survive.

Music? Let em mash it up! Images (take note Getty,AP )? Let em photoshop themselves in! Hollywood? Let em write the endings!

Congratulations to NPR who joins other notable content kings such as New York Times in opening up!! Welcome to a web 2.0 world

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