Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Newspapers are dead... Long live Newspapers

OK, at least once every few months, I here another pundit calling for the death and demise of the conventional newspaper. Now I am not blind, I understand their ramblings, it is just that I do not agree.

Web 2.0 will save Newspapers, and publishers (print), are finally getting it. The first thing I do every morning (besides my coffee addiction) is grab the morning newspaper from my driveway, and read it end to end. Throughout the rest of my day, as time permits I refresh the homepage on my blackberry (set to Google News), and read as many articles of interest as I can. Once I get settled in front of my PC, it is all about my favorite blogs.

The main reason for me reading blogs is first and foremost the "freshness" of the content. I also like the ability to be able to scroll (dig down) through for additional information when a blog post does not satisfy my need for knowledge. The net allows me to dig as deep as I need. I also like the "social" aspect of getting my news online, reading others comments, adding my own,etc.

The New York Times (a sleeping giant awakes) is at the forefront of this with their TimesPeople initiative. With TimesPeople, you are able to annotate,share,comment, and be part of a community. This community can be like minded readers, can revolve around a restaurant, hotel, location, article or anything digital.

Now that I have a "Mash-up" of my favorite two things (NYTimes newspaper & Web 2.0), I can attest first hand that Newspapers are not dead, they were just sleeping.

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