Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What's a Tweet?

OK, this post is for people who are already aware of what Twitter is. IF you do not know what Twitter is, you will soon. For those who don't, Twitter is a service that allows you to broadcast short bits of text (140 characters or less). Some examples of how I use this...

1) I have a family tweet, and this is monitored by my wife and kids. At a public event, and want to meet by "That tree on the corner"...just tweet it to them. Time for dinner? Tweet!

2) I use it on my blog...If you want to know what/when I post something new on my blog, just sign up to follow my tweets.

What will Twitter evolve to be?

Twitter will look more like an operating system in 2 years. The Majority of its users will not even have to go to to use the service. Twitter will instead be the platform whereby others embed twitter functionality directly into their own applications. As a result, Twitter will be different things, to different people.

For some, the twitter OS will allow them to join a social network on the fly. This might be based on the location of a tweet, the content of the tweet, the profile of the tweeter. Some Tweeters will not even be human, they will be anyone or anyTHING.

A Tweet will be whatever one wants it to be (not constrained by 140 characters of text)..A Tweet might be multimedia,voice,video,etc.

The truest value of Twitter will be how it allows one to broadcast whatever (voice,video,data), to whoever (followers,family,friends,readers (a better RSS), however (via browser,sms,email,etc)

Twitter will be one of the most valuable net properties (along with Firefox)…why? Because they are OPEN. They ARE the ecosystem.

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